1. Apply to Minnesota North
    • Complete the Application for Admission (link needs to be MN North online application).
      • (Paper application available upon request, link to PDF version)
    • Pay the non-refundable $20 application fee for your application to be processed. This fee can be paid online after you apply, through your E-Services account.
  2. Submit Required Documentation
    • Submit official high school transcript with date of graduation, or a copy of your GED test scores.
    • If you have attended another college, request for your college to send your official college transcript.
      • All students attending Minnesota North who have not been to college or have less than 60 college credits must send an official high school transcript. This can be done by contacting your high school counseling office.
        • College Transcripts: Students that have attended college previously, are transferring into Minnesota North, or have college credit classes while in high school need to send an official college transcript. Contact the college that you attended or received credits from to find out their process for getting this transcript to Minnesota North.
    • Submit your record of Immunizations.
      • Applicants must supply documentation (month and year) of immunization against mumps, measles, rubella, and tetanus. This requirement is waived if you graduated from a Minnesota High School in 1997 or later. Click here for the Immunization Form.
  3. Course Placement
    • See placement guidance.
  4. Orientation and Registration
    • College Orientation and Registration Sessions are designed for students to complete their pre-college process and become a Minnesota North Student.
    • During an Orientation and Registration session, students will take the Accuplacer test, have an opportunity to tour the campus, meet with faculty, learn about Minnesota North, and get registered for classes at your preferred campus location.
    • Minnesota North academic advisors are located at each campus location to help students make the best decisions and ensure they are on track to meet their academic goals. After the placement has been completed, you may call, e-mail, or login to your E-Services account to make a registration appointment with your advisor.
  5. Paying for College
    • Students can fill out and complete their financial aid through the online FAFSA. This can be done anytime after October 1.
    • Payment of tuition and fees should be made before the start of the academic semester. Students who have not paid, or made appropriate payment arrangements (financial aid or payment plan) may be dropped from classes.
      • Minnesota North offers a payment plan to help meet educational expenses. This is a convenient, interest free, payment plan.
    • All students are encouraged to apply for scholarships offered by five individual foundations that provide support to students that attend their community’s campus location. Click here for Scholarship information.
  6. On Campus Housing
  7. Purchase Textbooks
    • Once you are registered for courses, order your books online. Minnesota North College Bookstores provide all required textbooks and course materials for your courses.
    • Five campus locations including Hibbing, Itasca, Mesabi Range – Virginia, Rainy River and Vermilion have a bookstore located on campus. Minnesota North bookstore staff are located at these locations to provide support for students.