Academic, Athletic, and Personal Success

Our graduates have used their experience to secure a variety of employment opportunities and as the basis for their continuing education. Take a look at what they are doing now. We are very proud of them!


Amy Glass

Minnesota North has always been there to support my professional and personal goals. I was a PSEO student and earned an Associate of Arts degree first. Later I returned to the Itasca campus because of their high-quality programming to earn my Practical Nursing diploma, and continued on another year at the Itasca campus for an Associate of Science in Nursing degree through Hibbing for my RN. The Practical Nursing and Associate’s in Nursing Programs at Minnesota North College supported me to advance my education without traveling far from home, they also taught me how to be a person of integrity in my community. This was extremely important to my active family. One thing I appreciate about the Itasca faculty is that they are still available to me and offer support to me in the nursing profession. Since graduating from Minnesota North I have obtained a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree online and am currently enrolled in an online Master’s of Nursing program. I currently work in the area of mental health in the Grand Rapids community.

Destiny Hering

I chose Minnesota North College – Vermilion because both of my parents went to school here, and I heard that they had a great program for my major. I am in Wildland and Wildlife Law Enforcement. My experience has been truly amazing, especially within my program. My instructors are great. My favorite college memory so far is playing on Vermillion’s volleyball team where I have met some of my best friends. What I would tell students who are considering Vermilion is to go for it. Vermilion is a great little school and fairly affordable with great opportunities.

Dezmon LeTexier

I chose Minnesota North College – Itasca so I could play baseball and get my teaching degree. When Coach Lamppa reached out I knew it would be a great fit. I’ve made a lot of cool friendships and have gotten to meet people from Florida, Texas, and even the Dominican Republic! We’re a super tight-knit group and we spend a lot of time outside of the classroom together. I really like all my classes and I’m doing really well in the Class Act program. Almost a 4.0! We’ve done some volunteer work at the food shelf and homeless shelter and it’s been great learning about resources that we’ll need to know about as future educators. I want to go into Special Education and the field experience that we get inside the classroom has solidified my interest in the teaching field. Anna’s a great teacher and I feel very prepared to transfer on to a University both academically and athletically. I definitely like the smaller campus and I feel like I’m able to get to know my professors. I feel like an actual student instead of just a number. The support here at Itasca is amazing. With the low-cost of tuition, scholarships that were available to me, and working as a Residential Advisor in Housing, I didn’t have to pay anything out of pocket!

Brock Stram

I chose Minnesota North College – Itasca because I wasn’t dead set on what I wanted to pursue in a degree and Itasca is reasonably priced, close to home, and the perfect sized campus/classes. While at Itasca my experience has been great! I’ve been able to make many connections with the instructors, who have helped me grow to be who I am today. The class sizes are the perfect size where you are able to work with the instructors one-on-one to enhance your learning. My favorite college memory so far has been graduating among my peers with the Associate of Arts degree while receiving my high school diploma by participating in post-secondary education! I returned after high school graduation to work on my Business and Accounting degrees as well. Minnesota North College – Itasca is truly the best place to start.

Kaysha Hyde

Vermilion alumni, Kahsha Hyde, was hired by the National Park Service for a seasonal horse mounted patrol ranger job in Yosemite National Park. Kahsha is a graduate of Vermilion’s 18 week Park Ranger Law Enforcement Academy and she is the first graduate to be hired for this coveted position. Kahsha will ride a wild mustang in the park as part of the park’s partnership between the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office and the Bureau of Land Management in their effort to find homes for wild mustangs. Kahsha will patrol trails, roads, and in the backcountry providing law enforcement, visitor assistance, and representing the park as a goodwill ambassador.

closeup of student on an ipad
Clare Waldoch

Vermilion alumni, Clare Waldoch, is working for CoFire Aviation in Colorado and gave an excellent interview on season 3, episode 1 of “Behind the Wings: Fighting Fire From the Sky.”

Michael Milsner's headshot
Michael Misner

Rainy River alumni, Michael Misner, transferred to Bemidji State University where he majored in Sport Management with a minor in Business Administration. Upon graduation from Bemidji, he received an entry level sales position with the Minnesota Timberwolves. After 14 months in that position, he was promoted into a full-time role as an Account Executive, Membership Sales with the Timberwolves.

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Kate Anderson

Kate graduated from Rainy River in Spring 2009 with her AA degree. She then
transferred to Northwestern College in St. Paul, MN to complete her bachelor’s degree in General Business with an Accounting minor. She now lives in Shoreview, MN and is a credit analyst at a bank in Woodbury, MN.

kate standing in front of painted wall

I chose Mesabi Range because it was close to where I was living, had a small campus, and was very affordable. I am from Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil and came to the United States in January 2017 as a foreign exchange student at Chisholm High School. While at CHS, I heard about Mesabi Range and started looking into becoming a student. The process of becoming a college international student is a very complex and overwhelming process, but with persistence and assistance from staff, I was able to enroll in classes in January of 2018 seeking my AA Degree. After taking a few classes, I heard about the Iron Range Engineering Program and I was very interested in learning more about it. In August of 2018, I became an IRE student, seeking an Associate of Science Degree and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering. IRE is a project based program which not only teaches students the theoretical part of engineering, but also the practical, hands-on part. Iron Range Engineering is the perfect fit for me. My goal is to become a civil engineer.