Policies and Procedures


1A – System & Office Operations

1A.1Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Organization and Administration

  • System Procedure 1A.1.1 – Renumbered, see 1A.2.2
  • System Procedure 1A.1.2 – Pilot Programs

1A.2Board of Trustees

1A.3System Administration, Chancellor
1A.4System Administration Appointment of Administrators
1A.51A.9 Repealed
1A.10Long-Term Emergency Management

1A.11College and University Names and Permanent Locations

1B – Equal Education and Employment Opportunity

1B.1Equal Opportunity and Nondiscrimination in Employment and Education

1B.2Affirmative Action in Employment
1B.3Zero Tolerance of Workplace and Learning Environment Policy

1B.4Access and Accommodation for Individuals with Disabilities

1C – Code of Conduct & Ethics

1C.1Board of Trustees Code of Conduct
1C.2Fraudulent or Other Dishonest Acts
1C.4Fiduciary Duty – System Pension Plans

1D – Office of Internal Auditing

1D.1Office of Internal Auditing

3.1Student Rights & Responsibilities
3.3Assessment for Course Placement

3.4Undergraduate Admissions

3.5Post-secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) Program

3.6Minnesota North College_3.6_Student Conduct_Policy

3.7Statewide Student Association
3.8Student Complaints and Grievances

3.9 – 3.17Repealed
3.18Honorary Degrees

3.19 – 3.20repealed
3.21Credit Transfer and MNTC Policy

3.22Course Outlines and Course Syllabi

3.23Naming Colleges and Universities

3.24College or University Type and Mission, and System Mission

3.26Intellectual Property


3.28Charter School Authorizers

3.29College and University Transcripts

3.30College Program Advisory Committees

3.31Graduate Follow-Up System
3.32College Faculty Qualifications Evaluation


3.34Academic Semester Start Dates

3.35Credit for Prior Learning

3.36Academic Programs


3.38Career Information

3.39Transfer Rights and Responsibilities

3.40Recognition of Veteran Status

3.41Education Abroad Programs

3.42Posthumous Academic Awards


5.1 – 5.8Repealed
5.9Biennial and Annual Operating Budget Planning and Approval
5.10Reserves and Year-End Fund Balances

5.11Tuition and Fees

5.12Tuition and Fee Due Dates, Refunds, Withdrawals and Waivers

5.13Information Technology Administration
5.14Contracts, Procurements, and Supplier Diversity

5.15Fund Raising
5.16Risk Management and Insurance
5.17Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

5.18Alcoholic Beverages or Controlled Substances on Campus

5.19Travel Management

5.20Special Expenses and Chancellor/Presidential Expense Allowances

5.21Possession or Carry of Firearms
5.22Acceptable Use of Computers and Information Technology

5.23Security and Privacy of Information Resources

5.24Safety and Security Compliance

5.25Use of Electronic Signatures

5.26Management of Enterprise System Data

7.1Finance and Administrative Authority of Board, Chancellor, and Presidents
7.3Financial Administration

7.4Financial Reporting
7.5Financial Institutions and Investments

7.6Business Activities

7.7Gift and Grants Acceptance


Minnesota North College is a member of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. All of Minnesota State policies can be found here: Minnesota State Policies and Procedures

Student Code of Conduct Policy_Minnesota North College

Confidentiality of Student Records and Data Privacy Policy 9-20-23